League Information

When: Sunday - Friday night’s starting Jan 14th and running 10 weeks to March 22nd. $25/week/person (green fee).

Format: 2 person team, Net Best Ball Stroke Play. 9 holes. Each week will have a different course to play, along with different course conditions (wind, green speed, gimme length putts, etc.). Groups will alternate simulators each week.

Points System: Each week the best ball Net team score will be compared to the rest of the field and points will be awarded highest to lowest for your finishing position. 1st place will receive 70 pts, 2nd=68 pts, 3rd=66 pts, 4th=64 pts etc.

Handicaps: League will begin by using your handicap. After the first 2 weeks, handicaps will be calculated using a formula based off your last 2 league scores and your current handicap to that point. The most a player can adjust higher is 2 strokes. There is no limit to going lower.

Pace of play: Groups of two teams have a 2 hour block to play their league round. Single team slots have 1 hour to complete 9 holes. There is a clock that starts when you start playing. If that clock time expires, the team(s) will be given their max score for each hole not completed based on ESC. Exceptions and/or decisions will be made by the staff.

Subs/Make-Ups: In the event that you cannot play on a given week, the first option is to find a sub. A sub must have a handicap, or they will play at scratch. A sub can also be from within the league. If both players from the team cannot play one week, they have the option to schedule make-up time prior to the following Sunday of that weeks league round and cannot schedule it more than 3 days in advance. Make-Ups are limited to the discretion of the staff due to loss of potential non-league play time.

Snow Days: Any make-ups will have to be made up according to the above paragraph. Emails and phone calls will be made if weather looks to be bad.

Playoffs: The top 12 teams (and ties) in points will qualify for the playoffs. Playoffs are best ball of the team for 18 holes. There are no subs allowed in playoffs. Playoffs will be scheduled in your normal league timeslot, unless there is a conflict with another team in playoffs at same time in which case the teams will have to compromise for other time.

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